Johannes Kinch works with the European Bartender School

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If you are looking to become a cocktail bartender, the fastest way to secure the proper education is joining a renowned bartender school. But because the title of bartender is not protected, anyone can set up a course on a Tuesday evening and call themselves a “bartender school”. So it is important you do your research before you choose a bartender school that offers what you need. For instance, if you are looking to find well-paid jobs in the bartending industry, make sure your bartender school is known and offers proper credentials when you graduate. Especially when you are planning to work abroad, international references and a certificate will make the difference between getting hired or not even being replied to.

Choose the best school in the industry
When it’s time for you to choose your bartending school, take into account that the expertise from bartending professionals like Johannes Kinch and our Board of Education [link to board of education] is available to you when you choose the European Bartender School. Our methods, techniques, knowledge and recipes makes up the EBS certificate, guaranteed to turn you into a highly competent International Cocktail bartender.

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Johannes his bartending skills and knowledge on how to transfer these in a fun and useful way has made EBS the best (and biggest) bartending school in the world.


Johannes Kinch and the European Bartender School
Johannes Kinch is one of our most senior bartending professionals and a full time member on our Board of Education. With 10 (!) Swedish flair titles under his belt and countless other bartending awards, Johannes has practically been with EBS from the very beginning, creating course material and continues to update EBS teaching methods whenever necessary.

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Order a free brochure and learn about the different courses, our destinations and why the European Bartender School offers the best course in the bartending industry.


A little something about Johannes Kinch
Johannes Kinch found to bartending around 2000, and very quickly started to branch out into flair bartending and cocktails. Working for a variety of hotels, bars and restaurants, he quickly acquired a wide range of skills and cocktail techniques, allowing him to constantly grow as a professional bartender. Joining EBS in 2002, Johannes got involved in the development of our training programme. At the same time, Johannes continued competing at flair competitions. Locally at first, but he quickly branched out nationally, eventually collecting a total of 10 Swedish titles in Flair.

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Today, Johannes (left) divides his time between working as a head instructor, managing the EBS Board of Education and traveling the world to train corporate clients like Pernod Ricard and other industry giants.


Just like Johannes, EBS has Swedish roots, but quickly evolved into a multi-national bartending institution. 15 years down the line, we can proudly say that we train and coach the best bartenders in the world. No other bartending institution has ever committed itself to training- and renewing its course programmes like the European Bartender School:

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At EBS, we constantly work on providing our students with the best possible bartender education there is. Our team of bartending instructors comes from all over the world, and once a year our Instructor Convention guarantees our teaching methods and materials are in line with the latest developments from the cocktail world.


In conclusion, we like to point out that certification from the European Bartender School is recognized and respected all over the world. So when you apply for a bartending position, whether it is local or abroad, your EBS training will give you the necessary edge you need to secure that job. And the best thing is that bartender courses at the European Bartender School are an amazing experience as well. More often than not, students describe their time at EBS as a life-changing experience:

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Explore all EBS destinations

Our 4-week courses are offered on several continents and probably in that city you always wanted to visit too!


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