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It’s all Jesper could talk about when we arrived into Sydney, he wanted to see animals and mainly of the Australian kind. And today was the day where we would be ticking that off his list of things to do while in Sydney. We were going to TarongaZoo which is by far the best Zoo I have ever been too. I have been there multiple times and I knew what was waiting for us but still I was just as excited as Jesper. To get there we had to take a ferry from Circular Key and pass by some very iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbourbridge which loomed over us as we passed on our way to the Zoo.

After a 20 minute ferry ride with Jesper progressively getting more and more excited barely containing himself, we made it to the dock and disembarked. We had previously bought our ticket at Circular key so we didn’t need to line up to buy a ticket, it also entitled us to a gondola ride that would take us above the zoo and we would get our first glimpse of what it had to offer. And what a view it was taking us high above the tree lines we could see most of the city of Sydney behind us and all of Taronga zoo in front and below us.


Arriving at the top we jumped off the gondola and made our way to the entrance, handing over the tickets. I took this time to tell Jesper about something that happened to me when I was younger, I wouldn’t of been more then 2 years old when I was visiting a Lion enclosure and one of the male Lions turned lifted its tail and sprayed me, effectively marking me, a rather traumatic experience if I were too remember it. Knowing what was on offer at the zoo I asked Jesper what he expected from our trip, it was the typical animals you expect at a zoo but most importantly he wanted to see all the Australian animals. And that is just what we did as the Australian Animal area was located right beside the entrance.


Passing through a rainforest enclosure with all the types of birds that can be found in Australia, Jesper barely taking time too look at them as he was on a mission, Kangaroos and Koalas were all that he could think of. And as the sign appeared showing that Kangaroos were just around the corner Jesper ran off so he could get his first glimpse. As I caught up with him all I could see on Jespers face was a smile from ear to ear and a look of wonderment on his face, as ever since he was a kid he wanted to see a Kangaroo and now he finally was fulfilling that dream. I’m sure he would of stayed there the whole day just staring at the Kangaroos but there was far more to the zoo then just them. We made our way through the plethora of animals, from all the marsupials to lizards and Goannas. Of particular interest was the Platypus, possibly the strangest animal Australia has to offer. A Marsupial that lays eggs, has what looks like a duck bill and the male having a venomous spur, a very strange animal indeed.


Unfortunately we didn’t get such a good look at Koalas as they were high up in the Gum trees sleeping and we had just missed out on the opportunity to feed them by less then 10 minutes, so with there stomachs full they didn’t want to come down and say Hello.

After the Australian enclosure we made our way through the large selection of animals that Taronga had to offer until eventually we reached the end of what was on offer. Seeing Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Elephants and everything between. It was late afternoon and the zoo was closing so it was time Jesper and I said goodbye to Taronga. With one last look around we made our way down to the ferry and left the zoo.


The overall experience at Taronga was truly amazing, with such amazing views of Sydney in the background and all the animals it has to offer, its hard to beat what the zoo can give. I know Jesper won’t forget about his time there anytime soon and he has ticked off many things on his must see list while he is in Australia. For me it was nice coming back home after nearly a year abroad and seeing the animal that I grew up seeing as a child, making it a very nostalgic day out the Zoo. And a definite recommendation for anyone visiting Sydney.

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