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There comes a point in ones life where one must redeem themselves, that point was now for Jesper and I. After our performance in Barcelona or lack thereof we needed to prove that we could actually stand on a surfboard. And what better place to do it then in Australia, my home! We were to go surfing with the students from the current course at EBS Sydney, we had recently got to know them the day before, and everyone was beyond excited at catching some waves. We set out early in the morning and made our way to where we would be picked up by a private bus that would take us to the beach. The vibe amongst everyone was amazing, the bus driver turned out to be the surf instructor who would be our teacher for the day of surfing and he would also prove to be a very funny guy.

Before arriving to the beach we stopped by a little caffe to get something to eat and some much needed coffee and refreshments. At this stage Jesper and I realised that we didn’t have towels, rookie mistake. After everyone was sufficiently sufficed we all jumped on the bus and made the last little bit of the journey. It was a private beach where you had to pass security to even get access to. It was a beautiful day to go surfing the waves were just the right size for beginners. Once everyone had arrived we put the wetsuits on, unlike our previous experience in Kos, Jesper and I correctly put the wetsuits on this time. We then walked over to where the surfboards were laying in a circle, and we each picked one.


The instructor stood in the middle telling us the range of things one needed to do to surf, and as Jesper and I knew it all starts from the beginning. How to stand on the board is one of the most crucial things to being able to surf, standing incorrectly will always lead to you falling off. Taking us through the motions from when you start paddling to coming up and standing on the board, the instructor made it seem very easy and simple to do, he also added some humour to it, telling jokes whenever he could. Jesper and I knew surfing would not be so easy but maybe this time we would prove what happened in Barcelona was merely a bad day, we weren’t actually that bad.


It would seem that we were better then our previous experience. It was definitely more helpful that there were waves to help us get moving in the water. To begin with we both weren’t having much luck getting anywhere in the water until eventually, like our Windsurfing experience many months ago, everything just started to click and we found our balance on the board. It still wasn’t the most pretty of things but here we were finally able to at least stand on the surfboard and enjoy this thing called surfing. We “Surfed” for over an hour until eventually it was time to head in and finish the day, content with the fact we achieved what many thought impossible in Barcelona.


Both experiences with surfing have sparked a desire in both Jesper and I, who knows maybe on the side of being bartenders we can also be professional surfers. Even combine the two and become the first bartenders to make a cocktail while surfing. Either way it was a great day out with the students and instructors from EBS Sydney, and it won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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