Climbing Harbour Bridge Sydney

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Even though I have been to Sydney many times before I had never had the privilege of climbing Sydney harbour bridge, one of the most Iconic structures to dominate the Sydney Sky line. And today Jesper and I would be climbing our way to one of the best views of Sydney you can ever have. We thought we were running a little late so we ran as fast as we could from Circular Quay train station through the streets, up many stairs and finally making it too the entrance of Bridge Climb.

Jesper and I walked to the front desk with our tickets in hand only to be told that in fact we were 20 minutes early. Looking at each other, we laughed and sat down to recover from the run to get there. We drank water and bought something to eat as we wouldn’t be back for another 3 and half hours! Soon enough one of the staff appeared from another room to usher us into the change room and to go over the health and safety procedures, making sure we were of sound health and had no heart conditions. Quickly going through this we then proceeded to another room where we would be given our blue coveralls that we would be wearing for the next 3 hours as we climbed the bridge.


We were then taken to the final room before starting the climb, and here we were given our harness and all the other equipment we needed, most importantly sunscreen. Our guide Matt also showed us how to correctly climb the ladders located on the bridge. Once everyone had been briefed on what they needed to do it was time to begin the climb.

We made our way onto the passage located under the bridge, we could hear the trains and cars passing above us. It took 10 minutes before we made it to the Blue Stone Pillars where the start of the Arch begins. It was here that Matt told the group a little bit about the history of the bridge, this ranged from the construction of the bridge which started in 1924 and took 1,400 men eight years also six million hand driven rivets and 53,000 tonnes of steel to build. After our little history lesson it was time to start the ascent up the ladders and make our way to the top of the bridge.

About halfway up the bridge Matt stopped everyone and told us it was time to get a few photos, as we couldn’t take our own equipment up there, Matt was the man who would be responsible for photographic evidence of us. As we waited Jesper and I took in our surroundings looking down across Sydney and getting one of the best views of the Sydney Opera house I’ve ever had. It was a beautiful day to be climbing the bridge and both Jesper and I realised how truly lucky we were to be doing this. Once all our photos were taken it was time to continue the climb to the top.


After over an hour of climbing we all finally made it too the top of the Bridge where the Flag of Australia and New South Wales both billow in the wind proudly. Here at the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge with a full 360 degree view, you can really get a feel for the city that is Sydney. You see the cars, trains and the boats in the harbour all busily hurrying their passengers to where they need to go. You can see the outskirts of the city and even see where the first Fleet sailed through to reach land, you can only imagine how it would of looked all those years ago. After our group photo and high fives it was time to make our way across to the other side and make our way down the bridge.

Taking less then half the time to descend then it did to ascend we made our way back through the skeleton of the bridge with Matt giving us even more information on the bridge from the opening of the bridge in 1932 to who cut the ribbon to officially open the bridge. All in all Matt proved to be a very knowledgeable guide when it came to the bridge and no matter what question was asked of him, he had an answer and an explanation.


When we were told it would take almost 4 hours from start to finish to climb the bridge, Jesper and I thought it would feel like it was to long. But on the contrary it raced by and barely felt like an hour had passed when we were climbing it. Looking back on the climb of Sydney Harbour Bridge Jesper and I have no doubt in our minds that it is a definite experience that everyone needs to do. Seeing the bridge from ground level is nice but being able to see Sydney from the top of the Bridge is unbeatable. We are beyond happy with our experience and if we had the opportunity we would definitely do it again!

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