Coming to Phi-phi Island

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Jesper and I had only arrived into Thailand the night before but already it was time to start exploring what was on offer. We were on our way to Phi Phiisland with the students from EBS Phuket. We woke up early so we could meet all the students and get to know them before heading to the boat. Having introduced ourselves it was time to jump into the van.

We arrived at the harbour after an hour of driving, it was a perfect day to be on a boat with the weather you would expect from a tropical paradise. The energy from the students was electrifying and it wasn’t long before we were in the party mood. This is where Jesper and I truly got to know everyone, as we grew more comfortable and relaxed. After a few Chang beers Jesper and I started to get into the swing of things and soon everyone was on the top deck enjoying the view.

The boat to Phi Phiisland went by in a blink even though it takes just under 2 hours, what a beautiful view it was coming into the harbour. It was better then we expected with jagged cliff faces and lush green jungle clinging to the side, it truly was paradise. With everyone disembarking we made our way to the hotel we would be staying at for the weekend. The beautiful thing about Phi Phiisland is that there are no cars on the island, there are only two modes of transport; your feet and riding a bike. No cars meant the only sounds you could hear were from nature and the occasional ferry docking into the harbour.

The hotel we were staying was situated right next to the beach and what beatiful view we had. Jesper and I found our room and quickly got ready. Even though we just arrived to Phi Phi we were getting onto another boat and making our way around the island near Phi Phi. Having got the early boat from Phuket it gave us most of the day to explore the islands.

What a spectacular day it was, with most of the islands close by it gave us the maximum oppurtunity to enjoy our time. Visiting a beach where monkeys come down from the jungle and interact with people, to going to Maya Bay where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. A long the way we stopped at little reefs so we could snorkel and see the colourful array of fish that Thailand had to offer. It wasn’t too long before it was time to head back to Phi Phi and enjoy what the night life had on offer.

Arriving back we were given an hour to relax and get ready for the night ahead of us, Jesper and I took this time to have a quick nap as we were a little tired from all the traveling we had done in the last few days. After the hour was up it was time make our way to dinner and then eventually onto where we would spend most of our time partying the night away, Stockholm Syndrome. This would also be where we would be working the next night. But this night was about enjoying ourselves.

What a night it was with plenty of beer pong played and lots of dancing the night raced by and it wasn’t long before it was time to head back to our hotel and get some rest. The next day consisted of everyone lazing by the pool feeling the effects from the night before. There are defintely worse places to be feeling under the weather. Jesper and I thankfully had another day to enjoy Phi Phi but the students had to head back to Phuket as they had school the next day. We continued lazing around until it was time to head to Stockholm Syndrome for work.
Summing up our experience it was defintely one of the more memorable times Jesper and I had on this Ticket to the world adventure. It was a fitting way to finish our experience enjoying ourselves in Thailand and it defintely is a place where pictures and words cannot do it justice, you must visit and experience it for yourself.

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