Bartending at the Stockholm Syndrome

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Having partied here the night before Jesper and I knew what we were getting ourselves into when it came to working here. Perfectly located on the island of Phi Phi as you had to pass by if you were going to the beach. With beer pong tables spread out throughout the bar and a pool table in the back, it was more than a place for cheap drinks and good music. We arrived late in the afternoon after a beautiful day in the sun, it was time to party through the night.

We were given a quick rundown on what Stockholm Syndrome was about, Jesper and I had never worked in a bar quite like this. With much more emphasis put on our ability to quickly pump out drinks to the mass of people, also making a show out of it, partying just as hard as the people on the other side of the bar. As this is what you call a bucket bar and Stockholm Syndrome has the cheapest on the island, meaning people flock to this bar every night of the week to party the night away. Knowing all the recipes within the first few minutes Jesper and I were ready for the night ahead.


Initially we took shifts of 30 minutes between us, as the bar wouldn’t get busy for the first few hours. It gave us an ideal opportunity to get used to where everything was in the bar and also getting our timing down pat on the buckets. The first few hours went by with a few games of beer pong thrown in .Jesper and I even winning a few games, as we acquired our skills all the way back in Kos those many months ago, we had to represent. Around 10pm wave after wave came to the bar to have their share of the buckets that were on offer. This is where Stockholm Syndrome really comes into its own, as there is also one located in Phuket, through word of mouth people know to come to this particular bar.



This was definitely an experience like we’ve never had before and I feel this will sum up our time in Thailand. Every single person that night came to have an amazing time with great music and epic games of beer pong going on through out the night. The other bartenders made our experience truly great, showing us how it is to party behind the bar and enjoy interacting with those we served.


Jesper and I were definitely in the swing of things as the night went on, pumping out buckets left right and centre and always making sure we match the energy levels of the customer, occasionally even topping them. Every now and then I would look at Jesper nod my head and it was time to try our best dance moves out, pumping up the people around us it made for one amazing night.


And before long, as it didn’t even feel like work, it was time to finish up one crazy night of dancing and having one of the best nights we’ve had in a very long time. Summing up our experience at Stockholm Syndrome it was truly one of the most fun packed nights working. Jesper and I really embraced what it was like to work on Tropical island, we made sure that our drinks tasted good but more importantly we made sure we partied with the people who came to have a good time. We definitely walk away from this experience with a big smile and know if we ever go back to Phi Phi we know the perfect place to party.

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