World Class flair skills at EBS London

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Before attaining my yellow WFA level at EBS, which is a standard part of the course, I had never considered throwing around bottles as an artform, and Jesper had only done it on a few occasions before joining EBS. I think our passion for flair never really took off until we arrived in London. It was here that the desire to really try and improve and become better at flair started to take off. We knew we were going to meet Tom Dyer who runs EBS London and who was also 6 time flair world champion, no small feat.

[ebs_redbox img=””]Tom in the middle of his Flair routine[/ebs_redbox]


We wanted to learn more about what the World Flair Association or WFA was about so we visited the EBS London school, and asked a few questions. Having done the standard 4-week course I remember the option to do the orange level as well, so we sort of understood the grading system within the WFA, and that the basic level (our current level!) is yellow and you receive a yellow boston tin by successfully completing the test. After the Yellow tin there’s the orange level with the orange tin as well, followed by green and subsequently the blue one Every level is drastically harder then the next, and it takes months or even years of practice before you can attempt the green or the blue level. EBS offers access to this discipline by making the yellow level a part of its course, and the orange level an optional one for the die-hards.

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After getting to the blue level and you believe you’re good enough to compete in competitions you can obtain a Purple tin if you place 4th to 6th place in the WFA Grandslam and a Black tin if you place between 3rd and 1st. You also get points over the course of the WFA Grand Slams so if you place consecutively high throughout the Grand Slams you can obtain a Bronze, Silver or Gold tin depending how many points you get. With the Gold tin being awarded to the person with the most points throughout the season.

With each level of WFA you need to complete certain challenges involving working flair, as the name suggests can be used when you work in the bar and exhibition flair which is used for competition. You must also make a set of drinks within a time limit, with each grade of WFA the time limit is shortened. All this information is easily available by heading over to the WFA website,
[ebs_redbox img=””]Performing under pressure[/ebs_redbox]


So having some of the best teachers in the world at our fingertips we asked for asked some tips and pointers on what we could to improve. We currently are able to complete the Yellow level of WFA but we needed to train hard to achieve the Orange level. So Jesper and I set ourselves a goal, we knew we were going to Thailand and that it would be our last stop on the Ticket to the world so it seems fitting that we attempt to complete the orange level in Phuket. I have no doubt we will achieve this and very much look forward to improving my flair skills over the next few months!

[ebs_redbox img=””]We’re getting those orange tins, one way or the other![/ebs_redbox]

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