The Manchester Trip

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Jesper and I were both extremely excited to be heading up to Manchester for the day, it also coincided with Jesper no longer being a teenager and finally turning 20. This Manchester trip needed to be one that would be remembered for years to come, and so we set out for Manchester around lunchtime. Tom Dyer came along so we wouldn’t be completely lost when we arrived. It was only a 3-hour train ride from London, and slept for most of the trip. When we were only 30 minutes away we asked Tom what were the main attractions of the city. As he was about to explain what he knew, two local ladies overheard our conversation and gave us all an impromptu history lesson on Manchester. It ranged from where the first atom was split to having one of the largest Chinese populations outside of China. And soon enough we arrived into Manchester and said our goodbyes to the ladies, thanking them for the little lesson we had received.


Arriving into Manchester we were greeted by the head instructor Adam Keeligan who would be our guide for the night. He drove us to our accommodation, along the way telling us what he had planed for us, as Manchester is the Tiki Capitol of the U.K it was going to be a bar crawl of monumental proportions. And for those of you who don’t know a tiki bar is an exotic–themed bar that serves elaborate cocktails, heavily rum based drinks like the Mai Tai or the Zombie cocktail.


We had a few hours before the night’s festivities would begin so Jesper and I took the opportunity to rest up even more and brace ourselves for what was ahead of us. We would begin the night feasting at an all you could eat Buffet. We arrived at the buffet and made our way up stairs and what our eyes beheld was truly mouth watering. Over 8 different cuisines from around the world ranging from Asian delicacies to Mexican tacos and chilli con carne, Jesper and I looked at each not knowing where to begin. Slowly over the course of the next hour we ate until there was room for no more. It had seemed at the time a good idea to eat that much but as we soon found out we should limited ourselves to half of what we ate.


Having gorged ourselves on food it was time to start the Tiki Bar crawl and after a short walk we made it to one of the more famous Tiki bars in Manchester, the Liars Bar. Ordering 2 cocktails each straight away, it was Jesper’s 20th birthday we needed to celebrate! The only downside was getting through these drinks would prove to be quite the struggle as the food we ate earlier was coming back to haunt us. Not letting this deter us we finished up our Tiki cocktails and moved on.


And so began the epic night, each bar we visited consisted of trying at least 2 different Tiki-themed cocktails. I don’t think Jesper and I have ever drunk so much rum. The night raced by until eventually we arrive at the last bar, at this stage it was already 4am and we had visited over half a dozen bars. The last bar was strictly a bartenders bar and they needed to know who you were thankfully Adam was able to get us in, and we were able to enjoy our last few drinks. Halfway through our second drink Adam abruptly yelled out it was 5am and he had to go and without any further explanation left Jesper, Tom and myself to finish up our last drinks. As we were about to call it a night a conversation was struck up about Flairing as one of the people in the bar didn’t believe Tom could flair, how wrong they were. Tom still had half his beer left which he quickly downed and proceeded to show the people in the bar how even with a beer bottle you can pull off some amazing flair. Finishing up his final move Tom placed the bottle on the bar and with a smile on all our faces we called it a night.

It was around 6am before we finally made it back to the hotel only to be woken up 10am as we needed to check out. Quickly gathering our things and freshening up, feeling slightly under the weather we made our way to EBS Manchester to see the fellow students and have a look around the school. EBS Manchester being a relatively new school is one of the smaller schools Jesper and I visited, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in Heart and Spirit. This is largely due to Adams dedication and love for what he does. Even though we were only dropping by for an hour we could see in that time how much the students respected him and how much he gave them in return. Even though Jesper and I were still recovering from the night before we could still appreciate the effort EBS Manchester puts into teaching the course.


Having to be back in London later that night Jesper and I had to say our goodbyes to the students we had met and Adam who had taken us on an Epic bar crawl. Even though we were there for only a short time Manchester left an undeniable stamp on both Jesper and I and we will definitely be returning one day. We can definitely see why Manchester is called the Capitol of the North and recommend anyone wanting something a little different to pay this unique city a visit, we are glad we did!

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