Skye and Jesper have won!

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We can now officially present our two winners for the “Ticket To The World” competition! After several months of preparation, more than 3.000 video auditions and multiple elimination rounds, ten finalists made it to EBS Kos to graduate from the International Bartending course. In addition to the course material, two jury members travelled to Kos with the contestants to pick two winners based on charisma, performance and the skills to travel for months on end.

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So what’s next?
Jesper and Skye will travel the world while bartending everywhere. First stop is Copenhagen in Denmark, where they will jumpstart their bartending career at Ruby, voted one of the best clubs worldwide. After Copenhagen they will experience the bartending lifestyle around the world.

Over the next few months, the Skye and Jesper will travel extensively in Europe, Australia and Asia, where they will be given a variety of assignments in- and outside of the bartending industry. Destinations like Dublin, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Sydney and Phuket are all in the pipeline for this year’s amazing Ticket to the World.

Skye Burkin is a 21-year old Australian, and from day one she stood out as a perfect candidate for Ticket To The World. Sky has a background in dancing, and has traveled extensively outside Australia.

Her ability to perform under pressure, socialise with anyone in any given situation (oh we tested her!) and her on-screen charisma closed the deal for us. Plus, our EBS Instructors told us Skye is on the money when it comes to free pour and cocktails.

Skye: “For months the “Ticket To The World” just seemed like a far off dream, and for that to suddenly become a reality is mind blowing! My excitement is immeasurable!”



Jesper Rydberg is a 19-year old Swedish national, and throughout the auditioning process his previous experience with his his YouTube channel allowed him to create some awesome videos for us. What’s more, Jesper is a great bartender working in Halmstad, and he excels at flair and anything relating to cocktail theory.

Throughout the auditioning process, all other candidates described Jesper as an absolute favourite for their Ticket To The World, and his instructors described him as a goofy, likeable kind of guy. We’re going to send him around the world to experience the international bartending lifestyle!.

Jesper: “I still can’t believe that I actually won the competition, it feels so unreal that I’m going to be a part of this great adventure! It’s like a dream come true!”



Check out Skye and Jesper’s first video, which they made as a screentest at EBS Kos, where they were given a series of challenges. They knocked it out of the ballpark, and we’re looking forward to their travels!

With the end of the course approaching very fast, all EBS students in Kos, including Skye and Jesper are doing their final exams and are getting ready to travel the world as international bartenders. I’ve spoken to two girls going to Miami, several Australians are homing in on London’s bar scene and of course, there is Australia as well!


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