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Ruby FINAL from European Bartender School on Vimeo.

Jesper writes:

Excitement was not an overstatement when we walked into EBS Copenhagen, located on the fifth floor in Copenhagen’s first ever skyscraper. This was the day Skye and I were going to take our bartender careers to the next level. We were going to get trained by one of Ruby’s top bartenders. Jeppe started off as a fellow EBS graduate, but quickly worked his way up, and is now a head-instructor at EBS.

Our day started off easy with some basic facts around Ruby, such as the history of the building; guests tend to ask that kind of thing. But once we covered the basics, we quickly got down to business and stepped behind the bar. We had been asked to learn 4 recipes the day before and again, our instructor reminded us how crucial it was to learn these before hopping behind the bar. We quickly learned this wasn’t going to be an easy task.

One out of six custom Ruby creations

We also learnt Ruby had a specific way in which they train their staff to make the drinks and perform. With multitasking being at the forefront of the list! What that means is, that you have to be able to create a spectacular cocktail while talking casually to customers, clean up after yourself always make sure you are working as lightning speed. The beginning of the training was intense, but this was one of those moments where you simply fall back on the stuff you’ve learned at EBS, and pretty soon we started to get the hang of it.

But sure enough, just when we thought we were on top of things, Jeppe would tell us that we’d have to add two additional custom cocktails to our repertoire, meaning we needed to learn two more. On the spot. It really got out of hand fast. Working in a high-end cocktail bar like Ruby really does mean knowing your stuff and be quick about it.


After a few hours of training we headed back home to the hostel for some mental preparation before it was showtime. On our way to Ruby we both agreed that this experince was going to be extremely exciting, although doing a good job was crucial so we didn’t let anyone down. On arrival we met the staff and our two mentors, Stephen and Colin who were both nice and helpful.

Goofing around with the ultra-competent Ruby guys

I started on the floor waiting tables while Skye took her spot at the bar. The first 45 minutes were tough and challenging in many ways, although once we picked up the beat, things quickly started to feel more natural and relaxed. At the same time, it was inspiring to see Stephen and the other bartender’s work ethic and how effortlessly relaxed and comfortable they were behind the bar. These guys knew every single drink and every detail about the hundreds of different spirits.

It’s crazy to think this is only the start of our journey too! What an amazing beginning, and a great set up for what adventures are yet to come.

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