Copenhagen rocks!

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Right from the moment the plane touched down we had a good feeling about Copenhagen! The first destination of our four months and a city alive with the EBS family! Having no idea what to expect with where we were staying, as soon as we got to the top of the stairs of Generator Hostel we had smiles from ear to ear. Generator, Copenhagen seemed to feel more like a hotel rather than a hostel, with a fresh, new look and beds that were like sleeping on clouds. The staff were automatically welcoming and everyone was buzzing and ready for Saturday nights antics. Ticket to the Worlds first official event; The Rooftop Cocktail Evening with free cocktails for a whole two hours, served by none other than yours truly!

That day there was a small surprise for us- the party was also a competition! Generator’s experienced mixologist and bar manager of Copenhagen Generator, Henrique had created two cocktails that would compete to be on the new seasonal menu! So this was business!

Skye loving generator
Skye loving Generator, Copenhagen

Before the big night we jumped behind Generator’s bar, Petanque to get some bar training in. Training started out easy and slow with some small tips and pointers about how a drinks taste can change from even the smallest mis-measurement. After Henrique’s short demonstration we started making the drinks, and were given our signature cocktail for the competition that evening!

The first cocktail was a mix between Elderflower and Rosemary served in a wine glass with a rosemary sprig as garnish. The second cocktail was a refreshing blend of fresh mint, pineapple and cucumber, served in a cocktail glass with a mint sprig as garnish, both of course with a base of Gin. After bar training it was time to put are newfound skills in use. We served our drinks in a Hendricks cart out on the beautiful rooftop terrace. Once the bar was prepped people started to spill in!

The first 30 minutes or so were challenging because you had to talk to the people and serve drinks at the same time. Although after getting the hang of it the cocktails started to fly out of our cart. With the line all the way down the roof terrace, people chatting away and guests curious about what fabulous drinks we were shaking, muddling and stirring it was now awesome to be experiencing what the instructors had told us so much about at school.

It was also clear that the extra training we had back at Kos in speed mixing and product knowledge came in extremely handy. We both agreed we had never worked that fast in our life and were confident in answering anyone about what ingredients were in the drinks! Thanks Angie and Julia (our superstar instructors).

The adrenaline of what it’s like to have a billion people all waiting for you to make that perfect drink, that conversation that your having while your trying to multitask and the proud feeling after someone takes that first sip and is so unbelievably satisfied with their cocktail! By the end of the three hours everyone had been royally served, abd we both just stood there, smiling happily and exhausted. It’s good to see how many people had found their way to come see us, try the drinks and most importantly – vote!

In our Rooftop Hendricks Cart, “before the storm“

Directly after the party it was time to see what cocktail had taken the prize… Drum roll please… The winner was Skye’s Rosemary cocktail “My Dear Rose”, or as she wanted to rename it “Skyefall”!

The winning cocktail; My Dear Rose or as Skye prefers- Skyefall

It was now time clean up, take the uniforms off and let loose! We had fast made friends with the staff down at the bar and in true hospitality style had some ‘ knock off drinks’ with the team. It was then off to experience the local nightlife and show Copenhagen how to really party!

In conclusion, our first couple of days in Copenhagen and “Ticket to the World” were insane! If this is only the beginning- then the next four months will be crazier than ever, ever imagined! BRING IT ON!

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