• Our favorite Cocktail in Sydney – Japanese Slipper

    22nd January 2015

    We came across the slipper when we asked the instructors what drinks come to mind when they think of an Australian cocktail. – 40ml...

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  • Climbing Harbour Bridge Sydney

    19th January 2015

    Even though I have been to Sydney many times before I had never had the privilege of climbing Sydney harbour bridge, one of the...

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  • Paragliding rampage

    14th January 2015

    We had previously wanted to Paraglide the day before, but with the weather not being in our favour we had to wait a day...

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  • Working in Sydney’s cocktail bars

    11th January 2015

    Jesper at Chip off the old block Almost everything was new to me on this trip not only that it was my first time...

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  • Taronga Zoo

    8th January 2015

    It’s all Jesper could talk about when we arrived into Sydney, he wanted to see animals and mainly of the Australian kind. And today...

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  • Surfing Sydney

    4th January 2015

    There comes a point in ones life where one must redeem themselves, that point was now for Jesper and I. After our performance in...

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