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Having started in EBS Kos originally, Skye and Jesper will travel three continents and numerous countries. They will visit different EBS locations, clubs, distilleries and other impressive venues. Read all their posts here, and make sure you follow us on the EBS Facebook page so you’ll receive those updates!


  • Johannes Kinch works with the European Bartender School

    23rd October 2015

    If you are looking to become a cocktail bartender, the fastest way to secure the proper education is joining a renowned bartender school. But...

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  • Bartending at the Stockholm Syndrome

    26th February 2015

    Having partied here the night before Jesper and I knew what we were getting ourselves into when it came to working here. Perfectly located...

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  • Coming to Phi-phi Island

    24th February 2015

    Jesper and I had only arrived into Thailand the night before but already it was time to start exploring what was on offer. We...

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  • Our favorite Cocktail in Sydney – Japanese Slipper

    22nd January 2015

    We came across the slipper when we asked the instructors what drinks come to mind when they think of an Australian cocktail. – 40ml...

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  • Climbing Harbour Bridge Sydney

    19th January 2015

    Even though I have been to Sydney many times before I had never had the privilege of climbing Sydney harbour bridge, one of the...

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  • Paragliding rampage

    14th January 2015

    We had previously wanted to Paraglide the day before, but with the weather not being in our favour we had to wait a day...

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  • Working in Sydney’s cocktail bars

    11th January 2015

    Jesper at Chip off the old block Almost everything was new to me on this trip not only that it was my first time...

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  • Taronga Zoo

    8th January 2015

    It’s all Jesper could talk about when we arrived into Sydney, he wanted to see animals and mainly of the Australian kind. And today...

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  • Surfing Sydney

    4th January 2015

    There comes a point in ones life where one must redeem themselves, that point was now for Jesper and I. After our performance in...

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  • Flair bartending with the 2014 world champion – Codie & Jesper go London

    22nd December 2014

    Codie and Jesper make it to the world’s Flair capital, London where they train with Tom Dyer, current world champion and overall bartending legend.

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  • Working the London Bars

    14th December 2014

    Jesper working at Roadhouse The day had finally come when I was going to my first shift at roadhouse, sadly Codie was unable to...

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  • Nightjar workshop – one of the best bars in the world

    10th December 2014

    When we found out we were going to a private masterclass at Nightjar, which was voted the second best bar in the world, Jesper...

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  • World Class flair skills at EBS London

    8th December 2014

    Before attaining my yellow WFA level at EBS, which is a standard part of the course, I had never considered throwing around bottles as...

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  • The Manchester Trip

    4th December 2014

    Jesper and I were both extremely excited to be heading up to Manchester for the day, it also coincided with Jesper no longer being...

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  • Working at Generator Hostel London

    2nd December 2014

    Although Jesper and I had previously worked at the Generator in Barcelona working at another one in London was not entirely the same experience....

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  • Cocktails & Surfing in beautiful Barcelona

    28th November 2014

    The Ticket To The World documentary crew travelled down to Barcelona to tape what our international bartenders are up to. Watch this to see...

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  • Barcelona we love you!

    25th November 2014

    Barcelona is a beautiful city that arguably rivals some of the best cities in Europe, it has a certain charm that cannot be put...

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  • Working at Generator Hostel in Barcelona

    24th November 2014

    Chilling with the bar manager on the top floor in our working tour through generator   As we are staying...

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  • Working behind Barcelona’s bars

    18th November 2014

    After meeting up with a local agent, Jesper and I managed to secure two very different kind of bartending jobs. Collage is a cocktail...

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  • Longboarding down the Barcelona boulevard

    17th November 2014

    We heard from the guys at EBS Barcelona that long boarding is the easy way to get up and down the beach taking in...

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  • Favourite cocktail in Barcelona – Caipirinha 43

    14th November 2014

    While we were working in Barcelona, Jesper and I came across a fellow bartender by the name of Leo who was working at El...

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  • Layered shots in awesome Amsterdam

    10th November 2014

    Jesper and Skye had to find their employer in Amsterdam burned down to the ground. So what now? How about learning lots of layered...

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  • Codie joins Ticket To The World

    8th November 2014

    The idea sprung up all the way back in Kos, Greece. If both Lasse and I weren’t the winners of ticket to the world...

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  • Time to say goodbye…

    22nd October 2014

    It’s times like these that I like to use the term “bitter sweet”. I say this as my amazing 2-month journey starting at Kos...

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  • Jenever, De Kuyper and Amsterdam

    22nd October 2014

    After a day of traveling, we finally arrived at Amsterdam airport, and this is going to be the first time Skye and myself are...

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  • The Flying Dutchman – our favorite cocktail from Amsterdam

    22nd October 2014

    “We’ve left whisky behind and moved towards the liqueur side of things”; that is what I’d say if I had to describe our development...

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  • Our favourite drink from Aberdeen

    22nd October 2014

    After we explored the beautiful Scottish countryside we ended up at a local hotel in Dufftown called “The Copper Dog”, where we visited the...

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  • Whisky or Whiskey – Do you know? Scotland showed us the difference

    22nd October 2014

    Author: Skye The land of lush green hills, kilts and bagpipes and of course whisky… Yes this is SCOTLAND! One of Skye’s favorite countries...

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  • Traveling through Whiskey land – Episode two

    21st October 2014

    Skye and Jesper experienced the many facets of Ireland, it’s drinks and customs so we had to make another documentary about our traveling bartenders....

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  • Our favourite drink in Dublin

    16th October 2014

    So far this our favourite #1 cocktail from Dublin; it’s called a “Dew sour” and it is a really nice and smooth mix between...

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  • Cocktail competition at Generator Hostel Dublin

    8th October 2014

    Written by Skye: Just the same as Copenhagen Generator, Dublin Generator was incredible! On arrival the staff were ultra friendly and helpful, and keen...

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  • The bartender life around the world – Episode one

    2nd October 2014

    Our contestant-winners ended the Copenhagen stage of Ticket To The World. Enjoy their cocktail race and other bartending experiences. YOU'RE NEXT DUBLIN!!!

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  • Generating Good Times in Copenhagen

    30th September 2014

    Copenhagen is definitely up there with one of the cosiest cities we visited so far, with its exquisite parks and lakes, a buzz of people biking in every direction and lovely little cafes and shops, it makes you instantly feel welcome and at home.

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  • Working at Ruby

    22nd September 2014

    Ruby FINAL from European Bartender School on Vimeo. Jesper writes: Excitement was not an overstatement when we walked into EBS Copenhagen, located on the...

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  • Copenhagen rocks!

    10th September 2014

    Right from the moment the plane touched down we had a good feeling about Copenhagen! The first destination of our four months and a...

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  • Meet Skye and Jesper

    5th September 2014

    We’ve decided to upload a video of ourselves to quickly introduce us. Today we will leave beautiful Kos after almost four weeks on the...

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  • Skye and Jesper have won!

    31st August 2014

    We can now officially present our two winners for the “Ticket To The World” competition! After several months of preparation, more than 3.000 video...

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  • Final screentests at EBS Kos

    20th August 2014

    Right now, the remaining Ticket To The World contestants are learning what it takes to be an International Bartender in Kos, Greece. Technique, history,...

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