Working at Generator Hostel in Barcelona

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Chilling with the bar manager on the top floor in our working tour through generator[/ebs_redbox]


As we are staying at Generator hostel in Barcelona we thought it would be good idea to jump behind the bar for a few shifts and see what it is like to work here. Speaking to Norman the bar manager of Generator Barcelona, we were able to line up a few shifts behind the bar. Confident in our abilities we looked forward to working. We looked over the specs and we knew all of them thanks to our training through EBS, there are always slight variants in cocktails from bar-to-bar but we knew the main ingredients that went into each.

The night arrived where Jesper and I would be working, although it was my first experience working in Barcelona it wasn’t Jespers’ he had lived and worked in Barcelona for a few months earlier in the year and he already knew some of the people at the Generator Hostel. We started at 7pm before it was busy to get a feel for the bar, where everything was and how to move around. It was a nicely stocked bar and it quickly become apparent it had a large Gin selection from all across the world. We soon learnt that Spain is going through a Gin surge currently with most bars stocking a large range of Gin.



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Codie is THIS excited to work.[/ebs_redbox]


The bar was simple enough to navigate everything flowed, things were where you assumed them to be and all of the staff very friendly. Jesper and I soon got into the rhythm of the bar and before long we weren’t asking so many question and started serving the patrons quicker and quicker. A group of Englishman on a Stag party provided laughs for both nights we were working. The drinks being made consisted of draught beer, basic mixers and of course Mojitos! The night went quickly by as the atmosphere at the bar was great. All the staff enjoy what they do and it really comes across.
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One last selfie with our partner in crime[/ebs_redbox]


Before we knew it 6 hours had passed and the night came to a close we said goodbye to everyone, had a few shots to celebrate a good night and then went to bed ready for the next day. We were to work 2 consecutive days proved to be a nice thing. We explored Barcelona during the day visiting a few of the more famous sites and then got ready for another night behind the bar at Generator Hostel.

We were even more excited to begin working as we felt more comfortable with the bar and we could enjoy having fun with all the staff. The second night followed what happened the first, it was a nice atmosphere with people enjoying themselves, we even had time to take a photo with some of the bartenders. The Stag Party again provided laughs with a few of them interested in Jesper and I’s story about Ticket to the World. The night flowed by with Mojitos and Gin being made in great amounts, and as the shift ended we took the compulsory shot with the bartenders to celebrate a good night. But this night Jesper and I decided to stick around a little longer and have a few drinks and enjoy ourselves with the people we had been serving all night.

Our experience working at Generator Hostel was a great one, the staff made us feel welcome and we quickly felt like one of the team. Although we knew most of the drinks it’s always nice to see how other bars make them, so through them Jesper and I can put our own little touches on each drink. It was a great first experience working in Barcelona and it’s definitely made us look forward to what is to come!

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