Longboarding down the Barcelona boulevard

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We heard from the guys at EBS Barcelona that long boarding is the easy way to get up and down the beach taking in the sights. So after we noticed a few places hiring out boards for some hours, it was on. Jesper had been a bit of a skater when he was younger and we decided on a challenge. He was to teach me how to board in an hour. A tall feat seeing as though I’d never been on a longboard in my life. And yes, they are long, but also very slim…

[ebs_redbox img=”http://www.tickettotheworld.net/files/2014/11/tttw_image_3055_1200x600.jpg”]A picture just before multiple longboard accidents on the boulevard

First thing to do was watch Jesper long board and mimic what he did, although he skates goofy and I skate regular, it was easy enough to pick up where my feet needed to be, and the rest was balance. It was time to show off my new found skills and hit the pavement, and that is what we did. To begin with I took things a little bit slowly not willing to push with my foot more then 2 times, Jesper constantly urging me to go faster. He was zooming up and down the footpath weaving between people like it was nothing. And here I was barely able to turn the board without having 20 meters to do it in. But I was still enjoying myself and slowly learning how to control the board.

Our hour was drawing to a close and we needed to return the boards to the shop, but before this I needed to prove to Jesper that I could get some speed on the longboard. Otherwise he wasn’t going to give me the tick of approval. So I stopped the board turned it around and readied myself for the speed I was about to achieve. Which to me seemed like a lot but I’m sure to anyone else it was nothing. The speed is sensational though, especially when you lean into a turn, or get a little closer to the pavement. There’s something about speed and going sideways…

[ebs_redbox img=”http://www.tickettotheworld.net/files/2014/11/tttw_image_3055_1200x600_img02.jpg”]In the end we covered some respectable distances

Now as an Australian it’s almost an unwritten law that I know how to surf, and when Jesper heard surfing’s an actual option in Barcelona he wouldn’t shut up about it. So for starters, I went along with it, telling him how good I was and seeing that I didn’t do all that well on the longboards, I am very surprised Jesper believed anything I was telling him. I think there is a big misconception that Australia has amazing surf wherever you go. Sadly this isn’t the case and where I live though amazing weather and scenery it lacks good waves.

We arrived at the beach ready to learn how to surf, but before we could even touch the water we had to go through some basic training. Firstly, we had to learn the steps involved in properly getting up on the board which looks deceptively easy when you see other people do it. Once we felt confident enough with the take-off we had to be able to do it with surfboard placed on a Swiss ball! Not an easy task, but it mimicked how it was to be on the water. After a few failed attempts both Jesper and I finally got the grasp of it and we believed ourselves to be ready to hit the water. But before we could do that, one must always warm up before they begin to surf and we went through some exercise drills involving running up and down the beach, warming the shoulders up and doing the take off in the sand as quick as we could.

It was time to finally get in the water and get surfing. Our instructor took us over to a little area where we would practice our takeoff, a long the way teaching us how to manoeuvre the board quickly enough to be able to catch a wave. We practiced for around an hour making very little progress, who knew surfing would be this hard. But eventually we were both able to stand up on the board pretending we were about to ride a wave. Happy with our progress we paddled out of the little bay and after 10 minutes the beach had disappeared and we enjoyed the view of Barcelona from the water.

Paddling back in, we tried a few more takeoffs before it was time to head back to dry land. Emerging from the water with grins on our faces Jesper and I walked back to get changed, we really felt like Surfers. I think I decided then and there it would not be our last time on a surfboard. Who knows maybe we will have another chance to prove ourselves and show that we know our basics?

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