Time to say goodbye…

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It’s times like these that I like to use the term “bitter sweet”. I say this as my amazing 2-month journey starting at Kos and then continuing on to the Ticket To The World journey has sadly to come to an end.
[ebs_redbox img=”http://www.tickettotheworld.net/files/2014/10/dvars.jpg”]
DVARS after fire ravaged the place[/ebs_redbox]


BUT! I’m closing this chapter for a very good reason! After hearing that Dvars, the elite cocktail bar we were meant to work at, in Amsterdam had burnt down, Jesper and myself quickly accessed MatchStaff.com to check out other bars in- and around Amsterdam.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this bartender supertool, MatchStaff.com is an online portal especially designed for EBS graduates to give them a headstart into the international bartering industry. It allows you to create a profile for yourself so potential employers can easily access your information. What makes it special however, is that they advertise employment opportunities from all over the world, right from Australia, to America and over to Europe!

So eventually, while Jesper managed to score a big fat bartending job in Amsterdam and Barcelona, I found adream opportunity in London! Even though I knew Jesper wanted to go to Barcelona after Amsterdam, I just couldn’t turn down such an amazing offer. London has always been one of my favorite cities and to score a job like this I seriously couldn’t resist but to accept. This means that my TTTW journey must come to an end.




[ebs_redbox img=”http://www.tickettotheworld.net/files/2014/11/photo-1.jpg”]
Saying goodbye to Joeri, another EBS Kos alumni and self-confessed retard[/ebs_redbox]


In better news though, Jesper will be getting a new friend to join him and who better than fellow Australian…Codie!Codie was a top-10 contenderfor going on the Ticket To The World initially, and it’s gotten close a couple of times in the past. So to have him replace me makes perfect sense. Plus, Codie, Jesper and Lasse (3rd guy currently working in Turkey) were inseparable for most of the 4-weeks of the course in Kos.

I’ll be checking out from here on, and will be watching how Codie and Jesper continue their trip. I’m expecting they’ll be getting up to mischievous and a whole lot of bar tending antics.

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