Welcome to The European Bartender Schools Ticket to the World

This is our blog, where Skye and myself (my name’s Jesper by the way) share all of our adventures and travels for the next five months. If you haven’t subscribed yet, it is probably the best way to read up on where we have been so far, otherwise enjoy our latest videos and updates!

Latest From The Journey

  • Johannes Kinch works with the European Bartender School

    23rd October 2015

    If you are looking to become a cocktail bartender, the fastest way to secure the proper education is joining a renowned bartender school. But...

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  • Bartending at the Stockholm Syndrome

    26th February 2015

    Having partied here the night before Jesper and I knew what we were getting ourselves into when it came to working here. Perfectly located...

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The Trip

Our two winners will embark on a massive five-month trip all over the world together. Flight tickets, accommodation and a variety of assignments will all be taken care of, and these two lucky winners are in for the trip of a lifetime! Nothing makes you grow like traveling abroad, unless its working abroad, and International Bartenders can truly call the world their home. They go anywhere, and work anywhere –  with bars all over the world, there is a constant need qualified bartending staff. With The Ticket To The World, we like to show how far your possibilities can actually go once you graduated from the European Bartender School and you are ready to travel the world!

  • Kos 21 Aug – 5 Sept

    Kos 21 Aug – 5 Sept

    By far the biggest bartender school in the world, we can’t think of a better way to prepare our finalists for their biggest adventure...

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  • Copenhagen 6 Sept – 11 Sept

    Copenhagen 6 Sept – 11 Sept

    Copenhagen dates back to the earlier days of the European Bartender School, and the city is a great starting point for our winners as...

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  • Dublin 12 Sept – 21 Sept

    Dublin 12 Sept – 21 Sept

    The Irish Pub is Ireland’s most successful export product, but the city of Dublin has a lot more to offer to those looking for...

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  • Aberdeen 22 Sept – 24 Sept

    Aberdeen 22 Sept – 24 Sept

    No self-respecting bartender can make it out to Dublin without a trip to Scotland for at least a day or two. Whisky is just too...

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  • Amsterdam 25 Sept – 1 Oct

    Amsterdam 25 Sept – 1 Oct

    Amsterdam squeezes together traditional Dutch liquor, a rapidly emerging cocktail scene and of course, EBS Amsterdam. We also visited De Kuyper distilleries.

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  • Barcelona 2 Oct – 18 Oct

    Barcelona 2 Oct – 18 Oct

    Shifting more and more towards cities with a very serious nightlife scene, Barcelona is next in line. Our guys will spend two weeks in...

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  • London 19 Oct – 11 Nov

    London 19 Oct – 11 Nov

    More than three weeks will be spent in London, our most elite bartending school. EBS London houses two-thirds of our board of education and...

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  • Sydney 12 Nov – 3 Dec

    Sydney 12 Nov – 3 Dec

    After London, it will be time to leave Europe, and fly to the other side of the world – EBS Sydney where our winners...

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  • Phuket 4 Dec – 23 Dec

    Phuket 4 Dec – 23 Dec

    Thailand, where a booming economy meets idyllic paradise islands. An ideal setting to spent the final phase of the Ticket To The World and...

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